US going down the drain!

The indigenous peoples of America found themselves locked in prisonlike reservation. The African people found them selves kidnapped to slavery. The Gun policy in US has led to a world record of murder and schoolshooting. Now Trump want the teacher to join the insanity. This Amerika first and make amerika great is going down the drain. So untill you wake up you will find yourself digged into an anti human nest of humiliation that already is in US history and tradition.

And history repeat it self. In Nazi koncentration camps children were separated from their parents. We see the same thing happening on the Mexican boarder. Allthough it doesn’t lead to killing parents and children separately it creats a dreadful trauma.
Trump talks about people being killed by alliens but he doesn´t specify any of them. This is the way of a psykopath never accept being critizaed for wrongdoing and ending up with lies.



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